NCD #199

A Word From One of the Creators

From the desk of Eric Ratcliffe

Love that fourth panel and the way I was able to sneak in The Princess Bride quote. I couldn’t resist and had to figure out where to use it during the arc. If I remember correctly there was a lot more of a Highlander bit involved and even a He-Man joke that I cut for time as I didn’t want to drag the bit out and kill the pacing.

I’ve been rereading Grant Morrison’s JLA stuff and I’m just getting through the final deluxe hardcover. I really love the fact that by the end of the run he was still playing with his love of the b-characters. (That’s an extra special pun if you know at all one of the villains that pops up at the end there) It’s really cool to see nods to the Animal Man run, the New Gods and even the JLI. Just superhero comics at their best.

I’m also trying out Deadpool Max; not sure what to think of it yet 4 issues in, but there’s some interesting stuff at play so far.

Saturday…New Comic Day #200?! Find out what our group does when confronted with a very large threat!

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