NCD #195

A Word From One of the Creators

From the desk of Eric Ratcliffe

Loving Jim’s new coloring style. Those trees are just so epic, I could get lost just staring into them. (I may or may not have gotten seriously distracted just staring at the trees at one point)

I figured since we were jumping around so much fantasy wise throughout this arc that we should throw in a shout out to one of the most famous merchants in horror gaming. He’s from Resident Evil 4 and became instantly internet famous (there were sketches done by the Mega64 guys and G4′s X-Play when it came out) plus, he’s just so much fun to write. Really he only says a few things!

For those that might not pick up on who Jeff is dressed as, he is Roland from the Dark Tower series. Jim on the other hand is Frodo.

Saturday, the gang is reunited finally, but what has Eric so bothered and Jeff so distracted?!

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