NCD #193

A Word From One of the Creators

From the desk of Eric Ratcliffe

I’ve been so excited for this arc for so many different reasons, you guys have no idea. Jim is a huge fantasy fan so I wanted to play to his strengths while having us go on this huge epic adventure. You can hear about Jim’s interests in Sci Fi and Fantasy on Why I Love Comics #119!

We introduce a brand new character in panel #4 as well! This is the first in-panel introduction of my good friend Jeremy Wiggins to the NCD universe as our DM (Dungeon Master for the uninitiated). It’s been long-awaited as I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to bring him into the strip and here it was. Jeremy is a good friend who I’ve had for a long time now. We finally met in person a few years ago at Champion City Comic Con. (He didn’t even tell me he was coming, just surprised me) [Editor's Note: Jeremy was the first person to grab up a copy of NCD Vol. 1 from yours truly. - Brant Baggins] We originally met via Livejournal back when I was in high school I believe and became good friends. You can also hear him occasionally on the Why I Love Comics podcast.

With the fourth panel and the voice over I was inspired heavily by Community‘s D&D episode. [Editor's Note: Such a great episode! - Brant in the Morning] It’s one of my favorite episodes of the show and I thought it would be a fun nod to homage it here. Also fun to give nods to Zelda and The Hobbit as well. Mind you these will not be the only references made in this arc, not by a long shot.

Saturday…Eric finds himself in a very weird place but last he remembered he was with the guys, just what’s going on? Find out in just a few days!

[Final Editor's Note: In case you missed the announcement, NCD's new update schedule is Wednesday and Saturday! - BBQing Brant]

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