NCD #192

A Word From One of the Creators

From the desk of Eric Ratcliffe

Starting next week, the update days will change to Saturday instead of Friday. Gives us a little more time to breathe between the 2 strips and gives Alyssa and Jim more time to make the strip even more awesome.

The idea for this one-off strip happened during NYCC when I found out that Dark Horse had the Legend of Zelda license via the source book they made. I thought it was really cool and my imagination really did go wild. (I was talking with several friends on Skype chat about a Brian Wood penned Super Mario World book and that led to this Crisis on Infinite Earths parody.)

Luigi has always been the cooler brother in my opinion so I thought it perfect to have the scene play out the way it does, plus the threat is not Bowser related as I thought that would be too easy.

I do hope Dark Horse and Nintendo work together more, though, because I can’t be the only fan who would want to see more adventures of even just the Mario Brothers. I mean, how does a plumber become the hero of a Kingdom? Just when did Bowser start kidnapping the Princess? Does Luigi resent his brother’s fame and popularity? And just where the heck do Waluigi and Wario come from? Seriously, Dark Horse, get on this!

Wednesday…the start of our huge fantasy arc! An ancient book, Eric, Jeff, Brant, Jim and a new NCD cast member: what do these things have in common? Find out in just a few days!

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