NCD #191

A Word From One of the Creators

From the desk of Eric Ratcliffe

So if Dan Slott views or reads this, I hope he likes it and gets a laugh out of it. I’ve been told in the past that he’s a reader of the strip but have not heard either way as to whether or not it’s true. I have read Superior Spider-Man #1 myself and honestly? I kind of enjoyed it. It’s interesting to see just what someone else can do with Peter’s powers and what their mindset is on him. The only thing that bothers me is the whole things with Mary Jane, but honestly? That’s a can of worms that I myself will never open. I trust Slott as a writer and will enjoy this weird ride he’s taking us on.

So yeah, Dan, if you’re reading leave a comment or let me know via Twitter, I really do hope you got a laugh out of it.

Jim also updated the shop here which is a lot of fun to see, plus anytime I can sneak Dave into the strip is a welcome addition. TJ’s Collectibles in Milford, Massachusetts will always be a shop that I love. It is my comic shop in my mind, even if I don’t get to visit it at all anymore. Dave is the most knowledgeable comic retailer I know and I hope those who live in the area will stop by the shop and give it a chance. Couldn’t recommend it anymore than I already do.

I can’t wait till you guys see this fantasy arc I’ve been writing, it’s actually either as long or almost as long as the time travel thing but I learned my lessons from that and I think so far it’s a lot stronger. Really excited for you guys to see it.

Friday…Eric finds out some very exciting news related to Dark Horse and lets his imagination go wild! How wild? Find out in just 2 days, folks!

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  1. The facepalm is awesome, Eric should use it as his icon.

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