NCD #187

A Word From One of the Creators

From the desk of Eric Ratcliffe

Hope all our readers had a fantastic holiday (or holidays as it were because obviously Hanukkah was already over by the point we did our Christmas stuff). My mom got me an awesome camera and Far Cry 3 so when resting my foot (still isn’t fully healed) and not working on NCD stuff I’ve been addictively playing the game.

Of course we didn’t fully account for how crazy the holiday was so this week’s strip was delayed and next week we’ll be back to our twice a week schedule. Completely my bad on that one.

This strip was a simple one, wrote it pretty early in the month. I am really curious if I know anyone that thought that the world was actually going to end on the 21st? You’d think common sense would hit and someone would explain the Mayans being conquered. So I decided to throw in the lizard men conspiracy, a Planet of the Apes nod and some zombies for comic me to be waking up to.

Next week…why is Eric at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning? And what does it mean for one of the school’s teachers?! Find out Wednesday, folks, for the start of the new year!

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