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From the desk of Eric Ratcliffe

Yeah that’s right, we’re celebrating Life Day up in NCD! When you’re friends with a Wookiee why wouldn’t you celebrate a holiday that was never delved into and comes from quite possibly the worst holiday special ever made? (seriously, to this day George Lucas pretends that it was never made. Even the train wreck of a special that was the “It’s a Wonderful Life, Oscar” Sesame Street special with Oscar the Grouch was better received than this! I could rant about that one, but hey, using Michael Jackson and not having him sign back then was just insane.)

If you’ve never actually viewed the Star Wars Holiday Special, I would highly recommend looking up pieces of it on YouTube and even the Nostalgia Critics review. Seriously in this “special” at least 60% of it is spoken in just Wookiee. Try to process what I just wrote: no subtitles and no actual dialogue. Just grunts that only actual Star Wars characters can understand. Heck, Chewie, Han, Luke, Leia and the droids only appear for about a total of 10 minutes. It’s beyond insane and bizarre.

Oh, I’m not done now that I’m really thinking of it. There are only 2 positives I can think of when it comes to this special:

#1) The first technical appearance of Boba Fett in the Star Wars universe – Weird artsy cartoon that has Boba tricking Luke and the droids that he’s a friend and helps them find Han only to be found out by the end and gets away.

#2) The entirety of the Bea Arthur section of the special – No, you’re reading this right. This has absolutely nothing to do with me cosplaying Deadpool and the character being madly in love with her. Bea actually plays the most interesting character in the special. She’s a bartender in a cantina being shut down by the empire and quite honestly? I wanted to see more about her. She doesn’t ham it up and makes you feel for the character, it was actually pretty interesting.

So yeah, if any of what I’ve said sounds interesting see how far you can make it if you find the special on YouTube, it’s definitely something. But on topic of how the idea for the strip came up, I was talking to my friend Brian Burchette on Facebook (Some people know him as Starlord) and someone brought up the Star Wars Holiday Special and I remember that just almost 2 months ago we introduced a Wookiee into the cast that, to my knowledge, Jim loved drawing. So I decided what better way to kick off the holiday than sneak in a very obscure reference that only die hard nerd/geeks really know about.

Wednesday…our 2 part Christmas special begins! Just what emergency is happening at the North Pole and what does it mean for Santa? Find out next week, folks!

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