NCD #183

A Word From One of the Creators

From the desk of Eric Ratcliffe

Yup, he’s back. I figured when I decided to use Thanos that first time for the roommate arc that he’d be back eventually. It was more a matter of finding the right ways to use him and this right here was one of them. Sometimes, less is more at least from my perspective. (Doesn’t hurt that Jim had been asked by a few people when the big guy would be back.)

In strip, Jim and Brant are unpacking some NCD merchandise which I know we’re actually planning on creating in real life at some point. Definitely a t-shirt, maybe a poster and some other stuff. We’d love to hear from you guys what kind of merchandise you’d like to see from the strip.

This strip and Friday’s also see the debut of our awesome second colorist and someone who I honestly think very highly of, Annamaria Bryant. She’s been a friend of mine for a little over a year now and for longtime readers of the strip you know that she already stepped in to help once. She’s super talented and has been working on her own webcomic Adler’s Watch for a while now. I linked to it last commentary but would highly recommend checking it out. We actually became friends thanks to my Deadpool costume last year and just started talking a lot via Facebook. Even had her on an episode of the podcast. Honestly I’m excited to have her as part of the strip and I think her and Alyssa’s styles compliment each other and it’s awesome that have 2 very cool female colorists on the strip.

This week’s recommendation? None other than an awesome Kickstarter that just launched by some friends of mine. I am talking of course about the very cool sounding graphic novel Bad Kharma ( which is being done by longtime friend Alex Grecian (Proof), newer friend and awesome artist Jeremy Haun (currently on the Darkness), B Clay Moore (Hawaiian Dick, JSA Liberty Files Whistling skull), Seth Peck (Wolverine) and a seriously amazing list of talented artists helping with the first volume of the project. Each concept sounds amazing and I will definitely be supporting it myself as well as helping promote as much as I can. These are the types of projects the comic industry is made for and I can’t wait to see the finished project. So yeah, go support it!

Friday, Eric calls Brant to help him finish wrapping a present for a newer friend. But just who is this person and what holiday is the gift for? Find out Friday, folks, in the true start of our holiday material!

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