NCD #181

A Word From One of the Creators

From the desk of Eric Ratcliffe

Still waiting patiently to head back to work. My doctor gave me a note Monday to go back so I just have to talk to my boss and hope I can score some weekend hours for the time being. Anyways, I’m not going to get too preachy on you guys, but clever readers and those who have been attending conventions for a while can pick up on the underlying message behind this strip. Basically, if you need all the flashy crap and booth babes to sell your product or book…then I think you’re failing as a creative individual or company. Plus, comic me would totally go crazy on the budget as you can see here and completely lose sight of what makes NCD NCD.

On an unrelated note, yesterday Leverage came back for it’s mid season premiere and it’s as strong as ever. Those who have followed the podcast for a while who also read the strip know that I’ve had two very fantastic conversations with John Rogers (seriously, cannot recommend either of those episodes higher than I already do. Definitely 2 of the strongest) it’s a pop culture heavy show with some very likable characters and I honestly love watching every second of it.

Convention story this week might come off as a humble brag and I apoligize for that. For the last 4 years I’ve had the pleasure of getting to interview Claudio Sanchez of Coheed and Cambria and his awesome wife Chondra, but before the 3rd year interview something really cool happened. So I picked up my badge from John Wilson at the show on preview night and my friend Sean Murray and I went for a walk through the city. But as we were leaving the Javitz center and walking up the street Claudio, Chondra and their manager Blaze were walking to the show to set up the Evil ink booth. (Go check out Evil Ink, Kill Audio and Key of Z are amazing IP’s and Claudio and Chondra are a really great writing time) I waved and Claudio and Chondra waved back, we said hi and continued on our ways. About half a minute passes and Sean asked me and this was his exact words “Is that that Claudio guy?” followed by “do they really know you?”

Anyways, I get back to the show for preview night a little later in the day after hanging out in the city and stop by the booth to say hi again and ended telling Chondra about what Sean said. She responds by telling me that after I walked by she told Blaze who I was and it made me smile a lot. It’s really cool that people whose work I admire and listen to all the time know who I am. (This comes off unintentionally as a humble brag and I really don’t mean it to.)

At this year’s show I actually got to properly meet both Jenna Busch (awesome pop culture journalist and co-host of cocktails with Stan Lee on YouTube) as well as Dan Wallace who wrote Book of Sith among many other things. I’d had both of them on the podcast so it was great meeting them in person finally. Friday I think I might tell you guys the very short Adrienne Curry story and what happened to my buddy Andre at last years Boston Comic Con.

Recommendation wise this week, I’m going with a brand new podcast: “nerd poker” by Brian Posehn which also features Gerry Duggan, his writing partner on Deadpool. They play D&D in each episode and the “pilot” so far is awesome. Cannot wait to hear more.

Friday…so how does the booth look now that Jim has got some sense into Eric’s head and just what costume has Eric pulled out from retirement? Well, you’ll just have to tune in in 2 days to find out!

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