NCD #180

A Word From One of the Creators

From the desk of Eric Ratcliffe

Alright, so contest time! As you can see in the background of the strip, there are various people. These people have been matched with real comic book creators (but are obviously not straight on exact versions of them) so for the contest…name these creators. If you’re 100% correct or as close as possible (depending on those that apply) you will get a copy of NCD vol 1 signed by me as well as our trading card! Just leave a comment below and a way to contact you and we’ll go from there. Good luck to everyone!

It was about time that we used Bob again, been way too long and this was the perfect opportunity to use him in a way that made sense. Not only that, but once again we build towards incidents of comic me that no one has laid witness too. One of these days I may go completely insane with a strip where we’ve hinted at the sheer insanity…but for now, I like jokes that you can really think about just what the heck happened.

Con story #1 The time I had my table stolen by an ex WWE diva. So I had a few things on one of the tables, had my jacket on the chair and my bag under the table. I went for a walk to try and get some interviews done. I didn’t leave a note or anything because I figured having some postcards and an obvious presence would mean no one would mess with your stuff right? Well, guess I was wrong.

I was gone for maybe an hour, hour and a half at most but came back and all my stuff was off of the table and some random girl (who I assumed was a Playboy model) was sitting where I originally had my coat. You can imagine my confusion, anger and just down right indignation to this.

I gave it a few minutes to cool down, sat at one of the other tables and did my best with the situation. Turned out she was an ex WWE diva who looked like she’d had some bad plastic surgery done. I think later Brant told me her claim to fame was dating a Hardy Boy. [editor's note: she actually did pose for Playboy as well as wrestled in the WWE] I mean she seemed nice enough but to steal a table that obviously had people’s stuff on it was kind of weird.

Picture courtesy of The Geek Generation

Ex WWE Diva and Playboy Model Ashley Massaro

But we all know for the most part I’m a nice guy who dislikes confrontation so obviously I was able to get my stuff and leave it at one of the other tables where I was able to leave a note down on the table whenever I left..

Not sure what story I will be telling next week yet, you may even get a couple, I haven’t really decided. Anyways, once again good luck on the contest and I look forward to seeing the guesses!

Wednesday….it wouldn’t be a convention without someone to share the insanity with? But does Jim approve of what Eric has done with their table space and what are they missing? Find out on Wednesday!

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