NCD #179

A Word From One of the Creators

From the desk of Eric Ratcliffe

So another 3 panel strip (Really get a kick out of whenever Jim does this, helps strengthen a punchline that may be weak or may just need a moment of quietness) that helps kickstart another 4 part arc which I’m referring to as Con Craziness. Based after events that I wish had taken place at NYCC instead of ending up limping all weekend.

My weekend wasn’t bad that weekend; there are plenty of good stories from said weekend. From hanging out with old friends, to finally getting to meet several people I’ve had on the podcast recently to eating dinner with Jim at the close of the show. But there was also plenty of craziness that I will talking about more in the commentary in the weeks ahead.

I’ve been replaying Psychonauts a lot lately, mostly because it’s a fun game and it was like 2 dollars on steam during one of the deals so I picked it back up. Lots of stuff to really enjoy about that game from game mechanics to over all story and voice acting. Impossible not to smile about it.

Friday…what does Eric plan to do with this space? Well, he needs to make a phone call first! Find out what our hero is up to in just a few days!

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