NCD #178

A Word From One of the Creators

From the desk of Eric Ratcliffe

So an announcement right off the bat and Brant doesn’t even know this one (because I’m stealthy like a ninja and teaching myself things), but if you click on our Twitter icon, it no longer goes to the NCD “dummy” account that we created. I figured that we could have it point to my Twitter account since about 15% of my tweets are stuff directly related to the strip and some tease possible ideas I’m developing. So if you’re on Twitter and want to see more of my insane ramblings, just click on the button!

This strip idea was simple for me. It was around the time we had a few people mention that Bill had been missing a while and where Bill was. For those that don’t know, Bill’s nickname is the G-Man. So the idea started forming in my head to bring in Half Life’s G-Man and developed into what you see here. (Plus Jim loves drawing me as annoyed as possible) Also, super clever fans will pick up on the fact that comic me’s colors in this strip to my shirt/jeans are very similar to Gordon Freeman’s look, as another nod to the series.

I absolutely love Valve by the way, have since the Counterstrike days. My friends and I used to play Left for Dead on the 360 for ages and I’ve very recently become a TF2 fan thanks to some close friends’ recommendations, plus Steam is probably the best video game buying outlet out there today in my mind. They constantly have crazy deals on things like the small indie developed games and even the triple A titles like Saints Row the third. (Mind you, I came to my own conclusions about the awesomeness of steam before I ever talked to Edmund McMillen or even knew about The Binding of Isaac or many of the other games I’ve become addicted to)

This week’s recommendation is actually a surprising one…or at least I think so. Very recently (Like a few days before Thanksgiving) I was linked to a song on a friend’s Facebook page by a very beautiful and amazing violinist by the nameĀ Lindsey Stirling who I can honestly say might be the most unique musician I’ve heard in quite some time. Her music is catchy, beautiful and flat out nerdy with songs devoted to Legend of Zelda covers and Skyrim. Definitely check her out and hopefully you like her as much as I do!

Oh, and I know I say it practically every week and talked a bit about it on the Thanksgiving strip, but I am seriously so thankful I get to work with the 3 amazing and talented people I do on a weekly basis. I’m glad some people out there are used to my insanity and like my ideas. It really makes me smile knowing I have these awesome friends to collaborate with.

Wednesday…Eric gets a phone call that he can’t refuse, but who is it from and what does it have to do with conventions?! Find out in just a few days!

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  1. Chris Ventura says:

    HAHAHAHA xD this comic is awesome, loved this weeks strip!!!

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