NCD #174

A Word From One of the Creators

From the desk of Eric Ratcliffe

Hello, faithful readers and welcome to our first¬†Friday¬†update! This is, of course, the last part of a week delayed Halloween arc for this year. Hope you guys dig the ending. I knew when I started writing this that this is exactly how the arc had to end. Eric’s been talking crap about all the big names in horror and, of course, he had to have this coming to him. I hope I’m not the only one that loves that second panel, by the way? Leave it in the comment who you think Jim draws the best there!

Injured me update: looks like I will be back in action right after the 19th, which is when the stitches come out of my foot. I am excited for this (minus the fact that I have to build the muscle back up in that foot so I can actually walk on it properly) and hoping I can actually get back to work that week too.

Recommendation for the second time this week, I’m giving it to my new friend and my next guest on the podcast: The Blockbuster Buster ( he reviews nerdy/pop culture blockbusters and is a really cool guy. Doesn’t hurt that we share the same name. ;)

Wednesday… what happens when Eric finds out that Star Wars is returning to the big screen in 2015? You’ll just have to wait to come back to find out!

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