NCD #139

A Word From One of the Creators

From the desk of Eric Ratcliffe

If anyone is as surprised about Batman showing up here as I am, well awesome! That means that Chad has done his job successfully and managed to improve on a strip with a very weak punchline. So much changed from the original concept on this one.

First: I was having dinner with a certain blond batgirl, A Ms. Brown, who I flat out love as a character, but she’s another victim of the reboot. (For the record, that was literally one of the best books DC was publishing for 2 years.)

Second: This Barbara Gordon is very much still in a wheelchair and referencing something that happened during the “One Year Later” stuff. Her and Dick always made a great couple. And the proposal is still one of the funnest things that has happened to those characters the last few years. I don’t remember the specific issue numbers, but it’s definitely something to look up and read.

Third: Coloring wise, I suggested the classic stuff for Batman. Alyssa, of course, did 2 different amazing versions. (We just couldn’t have gone with the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh, just didn’t make sense as comic me would just laugh it off.)*

Speaking of, though, my original idea for Batman was to have him show up on the third anniversary strip and really have this start as an epic teaser/countdown to that happening (Doctor Who style), but I honestly like what Chad went with here instead. Not to mention Brant tweaked the second panel to have things flow just a bit better.

Speaking of NCD, though, it came up in my conversation with John Siuntres who I had on the Why I Love Comics podcast this week. It was towards the end of the interview and I had apologized for never getting him a review pdf of volume 1. Of course, he asked why and I explained that the team had been extremely busy and that Brant was awesome (actually said in the podcast, mind you) and that we were still working on getting volume 2 out. So if John’s reading this: hello, sir! Hope you’re enjoying the strip if you got the chance to read it at all!

Alright folks, I’m heading back to fight the reapers in Mass Effect 3.

Next week…if I remember right, we learn a shocking secret about Eric and find out about a book that he digs more than Deadpool?! Find out in 7!

*The alternate version of the Batman panel referenced above for your viewing pleasure. – Bestowing Brant

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3 Responses

  1. Ron Fortier says:

    Oh, Eric, Karma is always gonna catch up to you. Another winner team, and loved that alternate panel. Cool.

    • Alyssa Justice says:

      Thanks, Ron. Good to see it seems to be taken pretty well. It was mostly a joke on my part. lol I understand it’s a different planet, but really? Pink, purple and orange? >.< I understand the whole Robin and showing confidence thing, but you'd think they'd at least pick something that fit a little better than that and still looked bat-like.

  2. Chuck Prime says:

    Awesome strip! I was totally digging on it. It made me laugh. I hope we see more stuff like this soon.

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