NCD #138

A Word From One of the Creators

From the desk of Eric Ratcliffe

So this is the first commentary written from my brand new awesome computer, which I’ve been playing Old Republic on. I’m totally “Han Solo” because, well, wouldn’t you be what he was in that SW universe? I know I sure as heck would. I’ve been having that conversation a lot lately; while I’d love to be a jedi, I think it would be fun to be the guy out for his own interest and just living life, doing odd jobs and trying his best to survive in a world ruled by the evil empire.

Anyway, this strip? You guys probably want to know the evolution of it, right? Well, this was one of the 12 I pitched to the team at the beginning of year 3. Of course, it’s changed (truth be told, the punchline had me in ’90s comic gear full of pouches and insanely stupid guns), but honestly I think Chad’s punchline is so much stronger. Especially with the fact that it reminds me of one of the most classic Daffy Duck cartoons of all time (well, other than Duck Dodgers, the Robin Hood stuff and Rabbit season/Duck season) “Duck Amuck,” which of course has our poor hero being driven crazy by the omnipotent artist/creator. It’s awesome. (Oh, and then there’s the stuff with Marvin…but once again, easily distracted)

Those first 2 panels by the way? Similar stuff has happened and I felt bad about driving poor Chad crazy with some of the more outlandish ideas. But on the note of Chad and I, I always love our little conversations. I hate when I don’t get to talk to him as much and love hanging out with him at New York Comic Con. But this, like a lot of the strips this year, was a pure collaboration on our equals parts. I feel like we’ve reached that point as a team in general that we really are able to bring the best out in each other and improve on each other’s ideas.

Next week…is Eric on a date with another beautiful woman?! Who is it this time and why does this bode negatively for comic Eric’s future driving prospects? Find out in 7, folks!

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  1. Ron Fortier says:

    OOOOHHHHH….that is SO BAD! Eric foisted on his own petard. And hey, way to go being a sport Eric.

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