NCD #124

A Word From One of the Creators

From the desk of Eric Ratcliffe

By the time you guys have read this strip, I will have hopefully made it to South Carolina for the holiday and am enjoying some time with some family (and stealing some wi fi from a Barnes & Noble cafe to record a podcast with Scott Allie). I’m actually writing this commentary pretty early for once to give you guys some behind the scenes insight. Also, heavy shout out to NCD alumni Lisa Moore for helping me plot out the idea for this strip before I pitched it out to Chad, Alyssa and Brant.

So if you couldn’t tell by the last 3 panels of this very special Thanksgiving strip….we here at New Comic Day love the Muppets, myself especially. I can honestly say that without Jim Henson’s effect on me as a very young child, I would not be the creative mind I am today. In Kindergarten, there was a Kermit they had to play with and I can remember sitting down and playing with Kermit for the whole time – it’s an extremely fond memory.

My personal favorite Muppet as well as Brant’s is easily Gonzo. I’m not sure what it is about the quirky, long nosed little puppet, but he’s always been my favorite Muppet. (Grover is my favorite member of Sesame Street as a little extra nod (Brant’s too, again), not to mention any character voiced by Frank Oz is amazing) And I think my personal favorite Muppet movie next to Muppets Take Manhattan is of course Muppets in Space. Now not sure if everyone knows why we are including the Muppets in our Thanksgiving strip…well their new movie comes out tomorrow!

I don’t usually plug movies here myself, unless I’ve already seen them, but I honestly have to say….go see it! Not only is it the first Muppet movie in over a decade, but it’s also a Muppet movie under the writing of Jason Segal from How I Met Your Mother and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. For those that don’t know, Jason is a huge fan of the property and loves the Muppets. Heck, there’s a whole musical number with vampire puppets in Forgetting Sarah Marshall! So please go check out the movie and support a property that really honestly deserves to be in the limelight again. Also, leave in the comments who your favorite Muppet is and why and we’ll have a fun conversation about it!

So what am I thankful for this Thanksgiving?

First, I’d like to come right out and say I am thankful for New Comic Day, this really has been a learning experience in my life and has become such a huge part of me. Without it, I’m not sure where I’d be at right now, I’m sure I’d be a less happy person.

Having said that, I am extremely thankful for Chad Strohl. I couldn’t dream of working with anyone else on this comic and it’s a blast working with him every single week. I honestly think we should attempt to at least get him nominated for a Harvey or something this year because the man is such an underrated talent. I love ya, Chad!

I’m really thankful for everything Brant Fowler has done for me in the last few months, with making the site it’s own beast to really watching out for me during all the changes at CR, he’s been there for me all the way and that speaks miles for his character, I couldn’t ask for a better friend!

I’m thankful for Alyssa finding us and challenging her skills each and every week – it is beyond awesome seeing her evolve each new strip! It’s great having her aboard and really getting to know her.

Even though he’s not really part of the team anymore, I’m extremely thankful for everything Bill and I have done together. It’s been a learning experience and even though we barely talk right now I still think of him as a good friend and look back fondly on the many things we’ve done together related to New Comic Day. Not to mention without Bill there would be no NCD.

I’m thankful for my friendship with Chuck Moore who, without him even offering us a place on CR, we wouldn’t exist. Chuck is one of my closest friends and he’s done a lot for me and I will always be extremely thankful for that.

I’m thankful for you, our readers and our fan base – while I wish there were more comments on the strip – I certainly know about our numbers for readership and you guys honestly mean the world to us and to me. Thank you so much for reading our work every week.

There’s so much more I’m thankful for, but I don’t want this to run too long. So Happy Thanksgiving, folks! Hope you enjoyed our tribute to the Muppets!

Next week….Why did the guys need access to Skynet? Find out in 7 as our time travel arc continues to spin out of control!

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4 Responses

  1. Raichal Gladmann says:

    LOVE!! LOVE!! LOVE!!

  2. Ron Fortier says:

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING CR FAMILY..& THE MUPPETS!!!! Wahooo. Started my day with a BIG SMILE!!

  3. Bill Gladman says:

    Great Strip!!! Love those last two panels!!!!1 Very well done. I also think Gonzo hanging out with Brant and Ralph hanging out with Chad were nice touches….while Kermit and Eric share a moment.

    Happy Thanksgiving to the entire NCD crew past and present and all their wonderful fans!

    Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts, Eric. I do miss working on NCD with you guys.

  4. Brant Fowler says:

    This one was a blast to work on and be a part of. Eric came up with the idea and we were all very excited about it, throwing ideas back and forth. Eric came up with that last joke, which we thought was very fitting and funny.

    It’s funny that Eric and I share favorites in both Muppet Show and Sesame Street Muppet characters in Gonzo and Grover. Must be something about purple puppets with names that start with a “G”. More likely, it’s their zany, off the wall kookiness that makes them unique and cements them as the oddball outsiders of their groups, something I personally really relate to.

    Anyway, a very Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow NCD collaborators past and present, and to all our readers as well.

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