NCD #008

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A Word From One of the Creators

From the desk of Eric Ratcliffe

So we are two months in now and you guys get my first script. Which is funny as when I originally got this piece of artwork, there was no script to it. Technically there was but that’s been given to another strip for some point in the future that Bill and Chad talked about.

Bill had sent the scripts to Chad in a different order then what I thought we had, which has led me to fully put them in a proper order for all of us. So when I got this strip, I liked it but was confused as to what got there so I emailed Chad about it and hadn’t heard from him or Bill yet. So I formulated the punchline in my head and the rest is history.

Not very big on Terminator really but it fit here.

Next week: What do Anime fans, Bill’s confusion and me on the floor have in common? Well you’ll have to wait till next Wednesday to find out! (I’m getting better at this teasing thing aren’t I?)