NCD #332

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From the desk of Eric Ratcliffe:

7 months have gone by, to say that we had a production delay is an understatement. For that I apologize. We’re now 3 weeks ahead of our new schedule and have some very fun stuff coming up. From people having to bow out to people moving to having some bouts of writers block stuff has happened. Real life gets in the way of webcomic production some times.

I myself just got back from New Zealand. It was an awesome and life changing trip. We packed so much in 10 days and the sooner I get back to Wellington the happier I will be. It’s funny because the American Airlines announcer voice is actually the Riddler from the Arkham games so it ties directly into this current arc.

George really has become THE artist of New Comic Day, he’s the best. We’re still looking to get at least a second artist on the strip coming up but every time I see new art from him I smile.

Next week….Nightwing?!