NCD #204

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A Word From One of the Creators

From the desk of Eric Ratcliffe

And we’re back stronger than ever! Sorry about the week off, folks, Jim was on vacation, Alyssa has had finals and Brant and I got lost in the Negative Zone. (He still hasn’t forgiven me, in my defense I had no idea what that big red button was going to do) In all seriousness though, it was good to recharge our batteries for a full week, hope no one was annoyed for the delay.

The funniest thing to me about writing our bad guy this whole time has been the fact that he’s just so incompetant at doing anything properly. Pretty sure Minion would give our heroes a proper fight over this guy. He is powerful but from my time writing him he just doesn’t know how to use that power. Which is definitely fun to write for.

I did want a quiet moment somewhere in the arc and honestly thought people would enjoy our characters arguing over just what their group would be called. I was trying to be subtle with at least a few of the references here and there.

Wednesday…does our Villain give up without a fight? And just where the heck is Jeremy? Do our heroes get home safely? 2 of these questions are answered in the second to last strip of our biggest arc ever!