NCD #189

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A Word From One of the Creators

From the desk of Eric Ratcliffe

I completed Farcry 3 the other day; not sure what I think about either of those endings, it’s an extremely polarizing thing. But the game itself was fun and I spent at least 40 hours with it so I’d recommend it.

There was only 1 guy I could bring in to referee this fight and it was Beast, there was just no one else for the job. (We tried to ask Chamber to do it but he pretended he couldn’t hear us) Not to mention Hank is a character that’s been through just a crazy amount of stuff throughout his career as an X-Man and an Avenger but has always kept that lighthearted part of his personality. He’s definitely one of my favorite X-Men.

This strip also marks the first time Jim has colored his own work on the strip. He wanted to give it a chance and I think he did a fantastic job. Alyssa with her new program last¬†Friday¬†knocked it out of the park of course and Anna always does amazing work (though she’ll sadly be leaving us very soon to focus on her own awesome projects).

Also, I wanted to talk about Heat Wave’s gun a little bit. Always been a huge fan of the Flash Rogues and always thought Heat Wave and Captain Cold were unique characters thanks to those weapons of theirs. Sadly they’ve changed that with the current updates but here’s hoping they reverse that decision somewhere down the line. Not to mention there’s a deleted scene somewhere of him waking up to find his gun missing as someone asks comic me where I got my hands on that gun.

Friday…the end of the arc as the guys discuss a very important matter during all the chaos. Find out what in just a couple days!