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A Word From One of the Creators

From the desk of Eric Ratcliffe

I’m slowly but surely going crazy over here. I’m really absolutely looking forward to hopefully going back to work in a week. I am going to actually try and do some writing other than New Comic Day the rest of the week though, time I stopped wasting my time by staring into space. (I’m blaming that on the medication)

So as you can see, I definitely wanted to do something about the Disney/Lucasfilm deal. So after almost a full week in a half, I came up with this and the strip you’ll see Friday. Plus I thought it would be really funny if Eric got his hands on a new vehicle to finally replace the Batmobile. Just so happens he got one of the coolest vehicles in science fiction.

I’m cautiously optimistic about the deal; I personally trust a lot of the content Disney has been putting out the last few years and really like that they’re actively getting involved with some of the bigger brands like Marvel and now Lucasfilm. Plus the big rumor right now is the man who wrote Toy Story 3 wrote up the draft of Star Wars Episode 7 which comes out the same year as Avengers 2. I’m excited.

Oh, and I openly admit that our new Wookiee friend does not have a name yet; if you want leave your thoughts in the comments below we may use it. (If we do, I’ll send you a copy of Vol 1 and the trading card for free.)

Plug of the week goes to my friends Scott and Corwin of The Merc Report: It’s a fun podcast related to all things Deadpool. Highly recommend. They’re easy to find on iTunes and here is their Facebook fanpage: I will obviously link when my episode is live.

Oh, and big shout out to Alyssa who finally makes her big return this week with her fantastic colors! The black and white was definitely needed for the Halloween stuff but Alyssa has been missed (though she’s had 2 weeks of vacation away from the 3 of

That does leave me with a question I’ve been wanting to ask you guys for a while though. I know some of you listen to Zone 4 and Why I Love Comics here, but those that don’t do you listen to podcasts? And if not, why not? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts and would love to get you interested in both shows that I know Brant and I do our best to bring interesting content to your eyes just as much as we do your eyes with NCD.

Friday…so what else does this Lucasfilm deal give Disney? Eric helps break it down for you in just 2 days!