NCD #053

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A Word From One of the Creators

From the desk of Eric Ratcliffe

Look, we have a logo now! It’s so pretty. Mind you, I have to fix the fan page with that but still pretty damn awesome!

Anyways, lets get right into this. This was not how the strip was written. I’ll show you guys an excerpt from how it originally blocked out. Chad certainly changed it for the bette,r but I think this is a cool little behind the scenes moment to show you guys how I script some of the strips:

Panel #1
We see Eric running up towards Bill.
Panel #2
He stops, panting and leaning on bill.
Eric: ….quick question for you.
Bill: What’s up?
Panel #3
Eric: You a fan of the slow moving zombies are the 28 days later kind?
Bill: Nothing can beat the George Romero classics.
Panel #4
Eric: I was afraid you’d say that.
Bill: Why?
Panel #5
Eric: Well I was kind of hoping you knew some way to get rid of the fast moving zombies that are running after me right now.
Panel #6
Bill’s eyes once again bug out as Eric disappears from panel being chased by several fast moving zombies.”

As you can see, a few minor changes made the script that much tighter and showed how well we all bounce off of each other.
Mind you, this strip exists because Ms. Lisa decided to tell me how much she hated working on zombie books…I’m evil like that.
I love zombies by the way, any kind. I can barely wait the 4 months for Darabont’s Walking Dead adaption to hit AMC. Hell, I’ve seen everything from Dead and Breakfast to the terrible House of the Dead. God, you could make a drinking game out of watching that movie.
My personal favorite movie of all time is Army of Darkness. I love the genre when it’s used correctly. Hell, I’d seriously recommend something like Diary of the Dead for classic Romero fans, which I think is the director at his best again.

Sometimes the genre needs a good kick in the butt like 28 Days Later, but I think it’s become a horror staple for a reason. People love the undead brain eating, voodoo cursed, bile spewing, biting and all around craziness that a zombie movie can give. I could really go on and on about this, but honestly I think people would get tired of me writing.
So next week…Hawkeye vs Green Arrow – things get ugly real fast! Join us in 7, folks!