NCD #001

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A Word From One of the Creators

From the desk of Eric Ratcliffe

You ever imagine what you’d be like as a comic book character or a cartoon character? I have since I was a little kid and honestly this is what your going to get here. Bill is the Abbot to comic me’s Costello. There is a great friendship between the two of us and it’s truly a blast to be co-writing this webcomic with him. Basically, I pitched the idea of a webcomic to bill who agreed that it would be fun and soon we had the first 12 strips mapped out. You’ll be seeing a lot of crazy things here from arguments over Deadpool and the New Avengers to some very interesting costume changes. Things start off very slow this first month but don’t expect things to stay like this for long.

Chad Strohl is an amazing artist as evidenced here and Liam Bradley is lettering and coloring the heck out of this. Wouldn’t replace them with anyone else.

By the way regular me actually loves Bug in Guardians of the Galaxy. Comic me likes to drive Bill crazy. So enjoy¬†New Comic Day, I’ll be talking to you guys next week!