Kickstarter Countdown

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Hey all, I just wanted to chime in about the Kickstarter for the New Comic Day 5-Year Collected Hardcover currently running. There are only roughly two and a half weeks left for the project, so if you haven’t supported it yet and intend to, time is ticking down.

New Comic Day has been kind of a love letter to comic and pop culture for us all. We don’t get paid to do it, we do it because we want to; because we love the medium and our fans. We also love making fun of the things that we hold so dear, like Batman, Doctor Who, Deadpool, etc.

The past five years we’ve been doing this strip has been a thrill ride. We’ve had creative teams come and go, but everyone that has worked on the strip has had a blast while doing so. And everyone’s voice has been heard throughout the life of the strip. I’ve written strips, the artists have either written or contributed to ideas for strips. Strips have been inspired by and contributed to by the colorists.

In short, New Comic Day is a team effort, and we all come together to deliver what we feel is some funny stuff. Is every strip a hit? Of course not. But we try our best, and we put all of ourselves into it in hopes you all might find some enjoyment from it each week.

This hardcover we are trying to raise funds for is more than just a collection of stuff you can find online for free. It is the culmination of a 5-year journey we have all been on together. You will see brand new covers for each volume, and other extras if we can fit them. And you’ll have all of this wrapped up in a nice, signed (for those that back the project at the Hardcover tier or above) copy of the first five years of New Comic Day.

We do this for free, for the love of the strip. We don’t ask much, just your appreciation and enjoyment for the most part. If you’d like to support us and have this special item in your collection to sit down and read anytime you like, please head over to the Kickstarter page and pick an incentive tier that appeals to you. Or if you’d like to donate just to support the book, you can do that as well.

Thank you for all your support, be it monetarily or just for reading the strip each week. We greatly appreciate our fans and hope you stick around for the next leg of our journey!

-Brant Fowler, Letterer and Web Designer of NCD (and occasionally writer, artist and colorist!)