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A Word From One of the Creators

From the desk of Eric Ratcliffe

To say I’m excited for Pacific Rim would be an absolute understatement. Growing up, I was always a huge Godzilla fan. I had this huge Godzilla action figure that my parents bought me that I had for a long time. I was obsessed with giant monsters and dinosaurs at a young age and I’m not quite sure that that’s ever really left me.

So, here I figured the best way to pay tribute to all that is introduce the guys to our monster that Bill and I have encountered a few times now. Cloverfield is one of those modern monster movies that I don’t think gets the love it deserves. With a great script by a Whedon alumni and an easy to follow narrator in “Hud” I really think it’s a fun movie that you can waste a few hours watching.

I do love playing with the idea that comic me has to watch after Clovey too, almost like a big dog.

Speaking of giant monster movies, though, I’d recommend checking out my good friends Kat Rocha and Josh Finney’s World War Kaiju on Kickstarter. It’s an alternate reality where the Atom Bomb wasn’t created and instead we got giant monsters as weapons to fight in its stead.

And seriously, folks, go see Pacific Rim this weekend. It’s got giant monsters, giant robots, Guillermo del Toro directed it, Charlie Day stars in it and so does Ron Perlman!

Next week…it’s Morphin time?! Find out in 7!