Updates Coming…

Hey folks, Brant here, your letterer extraordinaire! I just wanted to share a few upcoming updates to hit the site in the coming weeks.

Before I get into that, though, let me officially and publicly welcome both Alyssa and Jim to the team. I know they’ve been with us for a while now, but Eric and I are really thrilled to have them aboard. I joke about this year being the “new era” of NCD, but honestly it is. Brand new look, brand new stories, new cast members, a shift in lettering styles, and the aforementioned updates really define this year of NCD as a new chapter! And we hope you are all along for the ride!

I mentioned lettering style shifts just up there in that paragraph that precedes this one. See it? Yeah… you may or may not have noticed that I have been doing something a little bit different since Jim came aboard. I wanted to match his style, so I changed the font, slightly altered the balloon shapes, and began experimenting with some other stuff as well. I hope you like what you’re seeing!

Now, as for the updates I mentioned, Eric has teased some of them in the weekly commentary. Well, allow me to go into a bit more detail, or recap for those who may have missed them.

First, we are planning a bit of a redesign of the site itself. Nothing too drastic, just updating the images on the site to match the new style of the strip. We’ve had this header for a long while now, and it’s time for a change anyway. Once we get into it, who knows? We may decide to change some other stuff too!

Another thing we plan on implementing is more social networking ease via share buttons and the like. We want to make this as interactive an experience as we can.

We will also be looking into a newsletter that you can sign up for. That’s actually something I’m cooking up that Eric will surely appreciate, right? Well, look for that in the coming weeks or months ahead.

I will also be updating the bios page to reflect our new teammates as soon as I find the time to do so. They have sent me their info, so it’s all on me now.

Going back to lettering for a second, I think there are a couple of Deadpool strips in the archive where I neglected to use the common Deadpool balloon style. I’ll be updating those soon.

And finally, we’ve done several mini-arcs over the years, and I plan on categorizing those so you can find them easier. Like this recent Thanos arc, or the classic Batmobile arc and so forth.

That’s it for now, which I think is plenty to work on at the moment. But if you have any suggestions or desires for anything that would make your NCD experience more enjoyable please don’t hesitate to let us know!


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Happy Birthday Chad Strohl!

For those that don’t know, today is the birthday of artist extraordanaire and really good friend Chad Strohl.

Without Chad, there would be no NCD. So Happy Birthday bud, hope it’s a great one!

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Flatting NCD #85

Hey folks, Brant Fowler here, NCD letterer and occasional flatter with my first NCD flatting video.

In this video I show me partially flatting NCD #85. I say partially because as I was recording this my programs locked up on me twice and I had to completely start over. The third time I was afraid to record the rest, so I only got to record a little of it.

What I did record was duped a bit a little over halfway through, but not much.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, and if you do I’ll try to do more as I can.

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The trading cards have arrived!

and I made a video, they look awesome!

NCD trading card box opening!

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A request from Eric

Hey guys, I just wanted to say a few words and link those that are able to vote to this.

I love doing this strip, hell for almost 2 years now we have a completely clean track record and have nothing but positive comments from the fanbase.

There are 5 people that work to get this strip out. We have 2 writers, an artist, a colorist and a letterer. And honestly this team happens to be 4 of the most talented people I know.

This leads me to my point with this blog post, The Harvey awards are now open to nominations and anyone on the creative side of making comics can submit. harvey award nominations!

if I can come off as humble here I’d love if people could nominate NCD in the following categories:

Best Letterer: Brant Fowler – New Comic Day

Best Colorer: Lisa Moore – New Comic Day

Best Online comics work: New Comic Day

Special Award for humor in comics: Chad Strohl for New Comic Day

Obviously I myself or Bill understandly would not be up in the best writer category which is loaded with names like Kirkman and Johns usually but I think realistically we could find outselves getting best online comic work if someone really noticed us.

If you’re not able to vote, please pass the word. Help us gain a bit more attention and possibly one of the coolest accolades yet.

That’s it from my soapbox, see you guys Wednesday for the usual strip!

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NCD Live Action Episode #3

We hope you enjoyed the first two episodes, and now we present you the third and final episode on this wonderful New Year’s Day, once again featuring the entire crew behind NCD in live action.

Thanks again to Richard Katterjohn from Underground Video Network for filming and editing these for us. Without further ado, let’s brighten things up!

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NCD Voted Best Webcomic of 2010!

It may not be an official award or anything like that, but someone at least digs what we’re doing here with New Comic Day!

I am, of course, referring to ComicRelated.com columnist and reviewer (and soon to be podcaster?) David O’Leary voting NCD as the best webcomic of 2010!!!

Yes, we’re that shameless that we’ll take what we can get! lol But in all seriousness, David is an excellent reviewer with in depth takes on the books he reviews, and a superb interview columnist who gets big names to talk about really cool stuff. So all of us here on the NCD crew have much love and respect for our foreign friend overseas and greatly appreciate the nod he has graciously given us. Along with the NCD live episodes UVN has provided us and the extra strips we were able to churn out for the holidays (look for another one coming on New Year’s Eve!), this honor has rounded out the holiday and made this a WONDERFUL Christmas for NCD! So, thank you, David!!!

Here’s the link to David’s best of 2010 list: http://comicrelated.com/news/10078/davids-best-of-2010

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NCD Live Action Episode #2

We hope you enjoyed the first episode, and now we present you the second, this time featuring the entire crew behind NCD in live action.

Thanks again to Richard Katterjohn from Underground Video Network for filming and editing these for us. Without further ado, Itttt’s Survey Time!

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NCD Live Action Episode #1

Well, folks, it’s finally here! We’ve talked and teased about it, and now we can finally share with you the first of three live action NCD shorts we filmed this past September at Champion City Con!

We have to give our thanks to Richard Katterjohn from Underground Video Network for filming and editing these for us. We’re really excited to see what he has in store for the others!

So, Merry Christmas to all our faithful NCD followers, here’s a look at Eric and Bill in live action!

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Coloring NCD #69

Lisa here with this week’s installment of Coloring NCD. ¬†Hope everyone is enjoying these.

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