New Comic Day is a weekly webcomic about comic fans Eric Ratcliffe and Bill Gladman who couldn’t be more different if they tried. They go on crazy adventures like stealing the Batmobile and dreaming of being in Star Wars all while arguing over things like what’s a Goku and why Bug might be able to beat up Deadpool. It’s Looney Tunes meets Clerks every Wednesday!

NCD began in July of 2009 after Bill and Eric decided because they have absolutely nothing in common they should do a webcomic together! Makes perfect sense. And the rest, as they say, is history. After a couple of artist choices fell through, Bill got the idea of tapping up Chad and his style has become the hallmark signature look for the strip from the get go, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Lisa joined the team just a few strips in when original colorist and letterer Liam Bradley had to bail to do his own thing before his computer was blown up by comic Bill and Eric. And along the way, they picked up Brant to complete the team and lay down some fresh lettering on the strip.

And thus, the NCD team was complete and the plan for world domination through colors and four panel gags could commence!

NCD can be found on several sites, including ComicRelated.com, TheOuthousers.com, UndergroundVideoNetwork.com, NecessaryCool.com and MainStComicsAndGames.com.

NCD was voted webcomic of the year for 2009 by TheOuthousers.com!

And the first year’s worth of strips, aka volume 1, aka New Comic Day: 52 And Then Some, was recently collected and is now available for purchase!