NCD’s First Delay

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Plans for this week were to release the other parts of the Horror Movie 101 arc, and make a major announcement concerning New Comic Day. Unfortunately, Hurricane Sandy curtailed those plans…

Current NCD artist Jim Gallo is a resident of New Jersey, and as we’re sure you’re aware, NJ got hit really hard by the storm this week, as did much of the East Coast and beyond. Thankfully, Jim is safe and sound, and managed to put out a message on Facebook late last night letting everyone know that. But he’s displaced and unable to finish the strip due to the chaos, and understandably so.

It was bound to happen eventually. NCD has made it 172 weeks without a single delay, so that’s a pretty impressive record! We’ve even put out extras and holiday specials and the like. That’s approximately 3 1/3 years straight of on time and consistent updates. So we’re very proud of that accomplishment.

Obviously, our main concern was with Jim and not the strip. With him safe, and Eric recovering from foot surgery (and myself coming off bronchitis), it’s a well deserved break, though we certainly wish it was under better circumstances.

Never fear, though, as soon as Jim is back up and running, we will resume our consistent schedule, and make that very big and very important announcement we’ve been teasing for the past few weeks!

On behalf of the entire NCD team, I’d like to send out our thoughts and prayers for all those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

And to everyone else, have a very safe and very Happy Halloween!

Editorial cartoon: Hurricane Sandy

Article by: WALT HANDELSMAN , Tribune Media Services