Expanding the Cast

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Every webcomic and classic comic strip goes through growth and change as the years roll on. Peanuts added a little brother for Lucy and Linus. For Better or Worse had the entire cast grow up, saw new additions to the family and the stories changed accordingly. Even online webcomic giants like PvP have seen changes with cast additions and different interactions and types of stories. The art has changed, sometimes drastically, like, again, Peanuts.

New Comic Day is no different. While it may be younger than all of those great strips mentioned above, it has still seen its fair share of changes in the past couple of years. The creative team has changed, the art style has changed, and yes, new cast members have been added and the stories have changed and grown.

What started out as a buddy comic between two friends with different tastes, Bill and Eric, grew into an entire community of recurring characters that changed the dynamic of the strip. And this happened long before said team and art changes. Look back to the addition of Chaching and Captain Ron, or the instance Chad, the artist at the time, entered on screen. Those additions changed the strip and gave it new stories to tell.

The same is the case now. Yes, Bill has been absent for a while. Will he back? When will that be? Those are answers only Eric, the now sole-writer of the strip (with some input from the team as always of course) can give. He has his reasons, and none of them come from a place of animosity.

We like to think Bill is off on his own adventures somewhere, and will come back in grand fashion and hilarity will ensue once again. In the meantime, what we’ve been given is an opportunity to delve into Eric’s life and meet some of the other people that reside there, like Jeff and Jim, the new artist on the strip. We’ve also seen more of me, which is a good thing. haha. And we’ll continue to see more and more friends pop up here and there, new and old to the strip.

The point is, yes, the strip has changed. I don’t personally think it’s for the worse or for the better necessarily. I think it’s a lateral change. It’s a bit different, but still contains the same goofy and off the wall stories that this strip has always told.

As we get to meet and revisit more and more of our comic friends, like Chuck, John, Chad, Chaching, Jeff, Jim, Alyssa, and so on we will get to experience the depth of the New Comic Day universe and all it has to offer.

I am along for the ride, and I am still enjoying every minute of it. Sure, we’ve had our ups and downs, our curve balls. We’ve had strips that didn’t quite work out, and others that killed it.

I will always love the original team of Eric, Bill, Chad, Lisa and myself (and I leave myself for last because I actually came on a short bit later). We had some great times and we told some great stories. And a lot of those stories were collaborations of all of us. That dynamic has not changed. Eric, Jim, Alyssa and myself are a cohesive team too, and a good one if I may toot our own horns for a moment.

We never want or intend to alienate any of our fans, but that is inevitable. We hope all of you are along for the ride and enjoy the new faces that roam the panels of NCD. We know we are!