A request from Eric

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Hey guys, I just wanted to say a few words and link those that are able to vote to this.

I love doing this strip, hell for almost 2 years now we have a completely clean track record and have nothing but positive comments from the fanbase.

There are 5 people that work to get this strip out. We have 2 writers, an artist, a colorist and a letterer. And honestly this team happens to be 4 of the most talented people I know.

This leads me to my point with this blog post, The Harvey awards are now open to nominations and anyone on the creative side of making comics can submit. harvey award nominations!

if I can come off as humble here I’d love if people could nominate NCD in the following categories:

Best Letterer: Brant Fowler – New Comic Day

Best Colorer: Lisa Moore – New Comic Day

Best Online comics work: New Comic Day

Special Award for humor in comics: Chad Strohl for New Comic Day

Obviously I myself or Bill understandly would not be up in the best writer category which is loaded with names like Kirkman and Johns usually but I think realistically we could find outselves getting best online comic work if someone really noticed us.

If you’re not able to vote, please pass the word. Help us gain a bit more attention and possibly one of the coolest accolades yet.

That’s it from my soapbox, see you guys Wednesday for the usual strip!