NCD Voted Best Webcomic of 2010!

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It may not be an official award or anything like that, but someone at least digs what we’re doing here with New Comic Day!

I am, of course, referring to columnist and reviewer (and soon to be podcaster?) David O’Leary voting NCD as the best webcomic of 2010!!!

Yes, we’re that shameless that we’ll take what we can get! lol But in all seriousness, David is an excellent reviewer with in depth takes on the books he reviews, and a superb interview columnist who gets big names to talk about really cool stuff. So all of us here on the NCD crew have much love and respect for our foreign friend overseas and greatly appreciate the nod he has graciously given us. Along with the NCD live episodes UVN has provided us and the extra strips we were able to churn out for the holidays (look for another one coming on New Year’s Eve!), this honor has rounded out the holiday and made this a WONDERFUL Christmas for NCD! So, thank you, David!!!

Here’s the link to David’s best of 2010 list: