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Another year has passed and thanks to my awesome parents I now have a next gen console. But thanks to some of my favorite youtubers as well as some of my favorite developers there have been some very cool games out this year and I figured being New Years eve when I write this, it’s the perfect time to talk about them!

Look at all my companions!

Look at all my companions!

Binding of Isaac Rebirth – I’ve spent over 200 hours in the original game, spoken at length with Edmund Mcmillen about it and just all around had a blast unlocking everything I could. The “remake” adds a new art style and an excessively large amount of new content, plus ups the difficulty level to insane and frustrating ways all while still being fun. There’s also new characters, plenty of new items which can either hinder or help your performance and just makes the game change completely. You will never have the same playthrough twice in a row. (Unless your playing one of the 20 challenge runs of course)

South Park The Stick of Truth – Funniest game of the year, easily. Where else can you get gnomes stealing underpants,alien abductions, a nazi zombie virus, larping and even a gun toting Jesus Christ summon? Pretty much only South Park could pull this off and as is known well from South Park, they will make fun of anything and everything. The gameplay is turn based in all it’s role playing glory and is some of the most fun I had playing something in 2014. Plus Butter is basically Thor while still being Professor Chaos so there’s that.

Shadows of Mordor – The Assassin’s creed game we’ve been asking for for years. Yes, I know that’s an odd statement but it’s basically true. I just started playing the game myself via the PS4 but watched a playthrough of most of the game from one of my favorite youtubers. From the stealth game play to being able to basically climb to where you need to get to the nemesis system, this game has it all and is some of the smoothest fighting in a hack and slash I’ve played since the Arkham series.

Costume Quest 2 – Another very fun RPG that was a sequel to a fan favorite game by Double Fine. The writing is a lot of fun as you help 2 twins and their friends hop through time to save Halloween from an evil dentist. Similar to South Park, the combat is turn based but you get different costumes which have different abilities and there are plenty of chances to upgrade as you go along.

Always Sometimes Monsters – Always Sometimes Monsters is probably the most interesting game I played all year. It’s an RPG where you’re playing a normal person, no magic powers and no mystical quest. You’re just out to get to your exes wedding and see if you can patch things up before it’s too late. The way the story plays itself out and the decisions you make throughout make it feel actually important, some major things can happen in the lives of all the people you encounter throughout your adventure. Plus it has one of the silliest mini games I’ve ever played in my life. The writing is very much the strongest thing about the game and I feel like it’s been underrated and overlooked through the bigger indie games or the triple A titles. Highly recommend seeking it out!

Shovel Knight – Yeah, I’m part of the bandwagon on this one but it’s just so good. Shovel Knight is like the classics on the Super Nintendo with a meatboy level of difficulty at moments. You’d think a Shovel wouldn’t make you as powerful as you feel but it does.

Dragon Age Inquisition – Full discretion at the start here, I’ve only played about 60 hours in the game so far. I’m super addicted. Not because of the game play (which isn’t bad) but because it’s a Bioware game and that means you will very quickly fall in love with the cast of characters presented to you throughout the adventure. Plus when things really pick up, they really pick up as you soon find yourself face to face with the big bad of the game and things just pick up from there. Hell it’s also the first time in any game I’ve willingly gone with a gay romance subplot because the character in question is just so damn likable. There are fetch quests and it takes a while to get the best of some of the threats being sent against you but DA:I is easily one of the best games of 2014.

 Most Anticipated for 2015:

The Order 1886 – Steampunk victorian soldiers named after the Knights of the round table who work for an old order and fight creatures that bump in the night? How can’t I be excited about that?! The game comes out in just 2 months and from the trailer/gameplay footage we’ve seen at press conferences over the last year make it seem like this could be one of the first big showcases of what the next gen consoles are capable of.

Ray’s the Dead – I’m heavily biased (played the demo build back in 2013 at PAX East) but I really think Ray’s is going to be something special. Written and created by some awesome friends of mine and has you controlling a hoard of zombies that controls a bit like Pikmin, there’s a lot to be excited for about this game. Plus it’ll be on the PS4 which isn’t a bad thing at all.

Gat out of Hell – I Love Saints Row, I really really do. One of my favorite writers (Tony Bedard) writes for Volition and has had a hand in both 3 and 4. The trailer revealed that we as the player will be playing as one of the most popular saints (Johnny Gat) and looks to be parodying even more nonsense than what both 3 and 4 have already done. I cannot wait till the end of the month. Plus, you get 4 with all it’s bonus content on a next gen console which I will happily replay.

The Witcher 3 – I’ve never played a Witcher game but I know a few friends who have freaked out about the first two. (Just like they did Dragon Age) and everything we’ve seen just like the Order 1886 looks flat out beautiful.

Evolve – I’ve seen the footage from the PC version of the game, I’ve stood in front of a giant statue of the creature from the game and downloaded Lissy’s amazing cover of Glenn Danzig’s “Mother” from the trailer of the game. To say I’m hyped for this multiplayer innovative game would be an understatement. I think so far I just want to play as the creature, the gameplay I’ve seen from a few youtubers makes that look like the most fun aspect of it, easily.

Batman: Arkham Knight – We’re going to get to drive the Batmobile. If that one sentence alone doesn’t get you excited about the game then I don’t know what will. I think what I’m most curious about is this new Knight character. I’m hoping he’s brand new and they find a way to pull him into the bigger comic universe similar to a Harley Quinn type when she was introduced in the cartoon first. The biggest downer about the game is just the fact that this has been announced as Rocksteady’s last Batman game, the company that finally made a good Batman game is moving on to new projects. I’m also really curious to see just who will pop up from the expanded universe. Oh plus it’s still Kevin Conroy as Batman and that is never a bad thing.

And I’m sure there are plenty more games, these are all coming out within the first 5-6 months of the year. (And I’m sure I’ll be playing plenty more at PAX East. Doesn’t hurt now having a next gen console)