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So there are a lot of people that read New Comic Day weekly and I as the lead writer and co-creator of the strip I’ve been wanting to put up more written content lately. Earn those press badges for the shows I cover. So for now on you’ll be getting 2 blog posts from me a week as well as the main strip! (Plus I’ll be posting the podcast here as soon as I figure out how to do that)

Speaking of the podcast, that’s what I do when I’m not doing New Comic Day. I host the Why I Love Comics podcast!

I’ve always described the show as a pop culture talk show where I have conversations with awesome people in pop culture from comic creators to actors to show runners to musicians and youtubers!

This does not in fact make you better at what you do.

This does not in fact make you better at what you do.

So without further ado, we’re counting down the top 10 episodes of the podcast. (Not my top 10 but the top 10 downloaded episodes of all time, with commentary from me.)

#10 Why I Love Comics #114 with Jane Espenson and Brad Bell! – This is a very fun episode. I had just finished reading the first few issues of the Husbands comic, which Jane and Brad were promoting. (Off topic but their publicist Mel rocks and is one of my favorite people) Thanks to Mel and Aub Driver and of course Jude Terror and the outhouse, this interview became possible.

One of my favorite things about this conversation was how easily we got off topic. From talking about the supposed upcoming apocalypse to hearing Brad’s idea for a new Rocky Horror picture show to how they write together, it’s a very fun listen and they’re 2 of my favorite guests of all time. We didn’t talk about Buffy at the time and I had yet to see any Once Upon a Time so it really was a heavy focus on Husbands their awesome webseries as well as writing for comics. I’m still looking forward to having them on the show again down the line.

#9 Why I Love Comics #84 The 2 Year Anniversary with BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS!!!! – I’m actually surprised this one isn’t higher on the list. It’s still till this day the highest compliment I’ve ever received about the show where someone told me they enjoyed the episode because it felt like 2 old friends having a conversation and not a straight up interview. Brian is a huge influence on my writing style and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him a few times now. This was also right before the Guardians of the Galaxy ongoing was announced so you can hear him teasing it a bit on the episode.

The other thing that made this episode a little special was that it was the 2 year anniversary of doing the show on my own and some friends did some very cool intro stuff for me.

#8 Why I Love Comics #122 with Adam Busch! – Another Buffy Alumni (along with Jane Espenson) that was a blast to have on the show. We talked a lot about comedy and his over all style as an actor and I even found out about a musical number with the trio that was cut from Once More with Feeling. At the time, Adam had both a very cool sitcom on TBS as well as a very funny and innovative webseries called My Music both airing. It was great to nerd out over a few things as well as the hover board bit.

#7 Why I Love Comics #120 catching up with Greg Rucka! – Greg is one of my favorite writers and he’s actually one of the first guests Chuck and I had during the original run of the podcast before I took over the show myself. He’s sincerely one of the nicest people in the comic industry and a gamer to boot. Towards the end of the show we ended up talking a bit about Mass Effect before I let him go which is always a good thing. There’s also a lot of process talk in this episode, including how they make Lady Sabre.

#6 Why I Love Comics #101 with Amber Benson! – The last of the Buffy alumni on the list and another awesome writer whose work I really enjoy. (She’s also a pretty awesome director.) We covered a lot of her career, though once again barely talked Buffy because there are plenty of interviews about Tara on the internet. We talked a lot about her prose work, working with Ben Acker and Ben Blacker and even Javier Grill Marxuach. There were some audio issues in this episode though so I’m glad people enjoyed it.

#5 Why I love comics #71: Latverian improv on the normandy with Mark Meer! – Mark’s a favorite guest of mine, so I’m glad people really enjoy this one. The first 15 minutes are us just talking comics and Mark turning the tables on me a bit. He’s a super nice guy and playing almost a 100 hours of a trilogy of games hearing someone’s voice you don’t know what to expect. I love the fact that he’s a huge comic fan and wants to voice doctor doom one of these days. I’d still actually love to get him back on one of these days because there’s plenty more I’d love to talk to him about. This as you can tell by the name was also one of the first times I was playing with naming the episodes, which worked for a while. But that is a story for another time.

#4 Why I Love Comics #68: Being slightly awkward is always fun with Layne Pavoggi! – Layne used to have a show on an extremely popular youtube network called “The game station” and the show was called “Layne on” where he’d talk about the news in gaming and sometimes other things in pop culture. He was a great host and is definitely a favorite guest of mine. One of the reasons I think this one is so high on the list is because he gave me a shout out on the show when it went live. I even sent him a copy of NCD vol 1 which sat in the background of the show for the rest of the run. Also his webseries “The Street Fighter” is fantastic and if you’ve never seen it, you should go watch it.

#3 Why I Love Comics #56: One More thing! With John Rogers – I was a huge fan of both Blue Beetle and Leverage so getting John on the show was a huge score for me. He actually told this awesome story about the process that was writing the Catwoman movie that had me almost speechless at one point and we talked about everything from how awesome Jaime was as a legacy character (to which John gave me a hard time because he wanted to write him again) to how Piper is such a unique character and how awesome Mark Sheppard is. It’s not surprising to see this as high on the list as it is.

#2 Why I Love Comics #106: New York Comic Con 2012 – Surprised this one is #2, not sure why either. I mean it’s a packed episode with press rooms thanks to Adult Swim, a conversation with Scott Allie, an awesome interview with Claudio Sanchez and Chondra which happens every NYCC when I’m there. (Sadly wasn’t there this year so it didn’t happen) and getting to talk with the Roosterteeth crew which was a lot of fun. I have been thinking of doing an episode collecting all the interviews I’ve done with Claudio just for the heck of it, we’ll see.

#1 It’s a tie! Why I Love Comics #63: The Binding of Meatboy with Edmund Mcmillen! and Why I Love Comics #89 The return of Edmund Mcmillen! – It doesn’t surprise me how often and how many times these two episodes are downloaded. I’ve spent over 200 hours in the original Binding of Isaac and watched Indie Game the movie a bunch of times as well as played plenty of Super meat boy. It’s also one of the first times I’ve ever tried my hands at actual game journalism and Ed made a fantastic guest on both episodes. We cover a crazy amount of ground in the little over 2 and a half hours combined. It’s well worth listening to both episodes to hear such a cool creator talk about his work.

Episodes I’d recommend – This is going to be a shorter list and it’s not about favorites but more about some of the episodes I think either deserve more listens/downloads or attention.

Episodes #79 and #96 with Scott Lobdell – Scott can be a polarizing figure in comics but I had a lot of fun getting to know him and he’s had a hand in a few of my favorite comics. Plus he has a very interesting outlook on the industry.

Tad Stones – Seriously, I love and grew up with Darkwing Duck and he’s one of the nicest people imaginable. Such a fun guest.

Matt Smith – No not THAT Matt Smith, the artist. He’s the guy who worked on the Doctor Who Comics as well as some of the strongest and most underrated issues of Starman. (And no, that joke will never get old to me)

Doug Jones – Sweetest man on the planet, seriously. Coolest actor out there with one of the biggest bodies of work you can imagine.

Fabian Nicieza – One of my favorite writers of all time, I practically nerd out at him but I love everything about this episode. We talk a lot about Cable/Deadpool but also a few other things.

Dan Milano – One of the first people I ever talked to whose work I studied like a mega fan back in high school. It’s a super fun conversation too.

Bryan Q Miller – One of my all time favorite guests and an episode I loved recording. Bryan is someone who I appreciate a lot whenever I get to talk to him. Have to get him back on one of these days.

John Siuntres – You never really hear the tables turned on John so it was great to have a guy who has been a major influence on my style on my show and as a lot of these I’m recommending, I’m super proud of how the conversation went.

So these are some starters and the top 10 which is technically an 11 most downloaded. So if you’re new to the show, definitely check it out. There’s about to be 190 episodes so there’s plenty of listening to be had.

Next time…the long awaited Binding of Isaac review! (Thoughts on the original game as well as a review of Rebirth)

And coming very soon….my game of the year! It will definitely surprise you!