Entering the Kickstarter “Battlefield”

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Our Kickstarter!

So as you can see guys, we’re running a Kickstarter for the next month.

Jim Gallo, Chad Strohl and George are all working on new pieces for the book and even Justin Johnson (Our new recurring artist, even when George returns in November) will be doing something for the book.

I’ve been doing my best to learn from Kickstarters I’ve backed and creators whom I admire who have run projects that I’ve had on the podcast, that I may or may not have been able to donate to their projects. Heck ,Bryan Q Miller has been a huge help before launch and managed to help me edit and make it a strong project.

So check it out, donate if you like and keep enjoying our work. You guys mean a lot to us and I hope to meet some of you during Granitecon this weekend!