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NCD #346

NCD #346

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From the desk of Eric Ratcliffe:

I’ve been thinking about Minion’s past for a while now. I like the idea of this huge family connected to his unnamed race where they all have different goals and aspirations. We’ll be finding out a bit more about Archibold next week and I’m really excited to tell you guys more about him.

I’ve actually started building a new D&D character that I’ll be playing in a game with some good friends of mine from work in a couple weeks. I’m really excited to be getting back into the game as it’s been way too long since I last played.

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Next week, so just who met minion’s brother and what chaos was involved?

NCD #345

NCD #345

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From the desk of Eric Ratcliffe:

I haven’t been able to see the new Kong yet but I’m really excited to. I love the idea of Kong and Godzilla finally sharing a universe again, can’t wait to see them fight in a few years. Commentary is short this week as we have a special announcement:

We have a pin! Here’s the video of the unboxing with all the information:


As a more recent pin collector as well as wanting more merchandise, I’ve been really excited about finally getting these in. Plus I’ll be the one shipping all of them so if you want one you can order via bigcartel or see me at a convention during the summer!

Next week…we learn something new about Minion, just what secret has he been keeping? Find out next week!

NCD #344

NCD #344

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From the desk of Eric Ratcliffe:

The best Transformers movie will always be the animated one, Michael Bay just doesn’t understand the characters at all. I enjoy the first of the movies but the rest got real bad real fast. Don’t even get me started on the dinobots.

When Bay made his silly statement (that was more about Marvel and DC than comic book films in general) I honestly couldn’t believe what I was reading. When you have 100’s of issues and at least 30 years of history from both the turtles and the transformers it’s crazy that you think you aren’t making comic book movies.

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Next week…Eric gets a deal for the vacation of a lifetime but is everyone else up for it?

NCD #343

NCD #343

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From the desk of Eric Ratcliffe:

George has said he did something special with this strip, curious to see who picks up on it. It’s a nod to the original series. Leave a comment if you think you know.

One of these days we’ll probably return to Nemesis, he’s fun to write for, especially in his incompetence. I just get a kick out of someone else having to come in and save us because we’re too busy bickering.

Next week…what is Minion up to and why does it involve Eric being broke? find out in 7!

NCD #342

NCD #342

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From the desk of Eric Ratcliffe:

I’m old, I freely admit it. I knew I had to sneak the Scooby/Vincent Price jokes in (especially because that’s probably the best Scooby Doo cartoon, even Scrappy isn’t annoying in it!) It’s also probably the most obscure joke I’ll ever make in the strip. (Probably)

My second favorite sentai series behind Gokaiger is KYoryuger, the third dinosaur based sentai series (And the third of the dinosaur series adapted over here.) Below I’m including what was one of the best crossovers the show ever saw and sadly something we didn’t see adapted over here.

My favorite moment from the entire series is still when the leader of the team, King transformed into his ultimate form thanks to raving. (I’m not kidding, this actually happened)

Next week…does the team finally get everything together? Have Jeremy and Eric finally stopped arguing? Find out next week!

NCD #341

NCD #341

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From the desk of Eric Ratcliffe:

So Gokaiger is my personal favorite Sentai or Ranger series. There’s just something about heroic space pirates who act like a mix between the Firefly crew and Robin Hood that makes it super fun. Well that and they can transform into any previous season imaginable.

My personal favorite episode has Joe the sword expert and Luka a thief have to play a game of poker to get something important for the team against the big bad of the week and his henchmen. It’s a big heist episode that is played really well and easily the most enjoyable one of the series to me.

An awesome sample of the first big battle of the series via youtube with subtitles:

I’m not trying to knock Voltron by the way, just never been a huge fan. Out of any giant robot/space stuff it’s probably the thing I know the least about.

Next week…just what is Minion doing in New York? And what does magic have to do with it? Find out in 7!

NCD #340

NCD #340

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From the desk of Eric Ratcliffe:

So originally bits and pieces of this arc were going to be part of a huge NCD graphic novel that I was going to write and kickstart but it never really came together. Nemesis coming back was going to put us on a huge adventure which as you can see still happened. So what better way to show how scaled up and crazy things can get when you have a super villain around then bring in an old friend who we haven’t seen in about 120 strips or so.

Ron Fortier is a huge mentor to me, he’s someone whose writing and over all storytelling prowess always make my day. Just being around the man and his enthusiasm for pop culture (especially all things pulp) just inspire me. Plus his run on the Green Hornet from the 90’s is so worth hunting down.

His current and awesome company Airship 27 is well worth looking into. You can also check out a conversation that Ron has joined me for on the podcast here.

Next week…do our heroes finally start getting things together? and can things get better or worse from here?!

NCD #339

NCD #339

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From the desk of Eric Ratcliffe:

I’ll get into why I’m Captain Marvelous more over the next few weeks (big hint, he’s probably one of my favorite members of sentai) I knew the second we pulled Nemesis back out of the book plotwise that I had to bring Jeremy back. It’s actually the first time George has drawn him and he did such a great job.

Jeremy Wiggins for those that don’t know is probably one of the first real friends I made on the internet, through livejournal nonetheless. I don’t remember the specifics of how we met, I think it was through a comic book fan thing through livejournal and we just hit it off. But he’s been my friend ever since and I truly value his friendship, even if we barely get to talk lately. It’s great creating a strip where you can have your closest friends show up.

Next week…Nemesis goes to an old “friend” of New Comic Day’s to try and recruit him to his cause. Just who is it and does Nemesis succeed? Tune in next week to find out!

Dr. Strange and the Multiverse

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It’s not so much the connection to the character, so much as the importance of the word and how it affects both mainstream comic book publishers and their history.

Let me back up for a minute, when seeing Dr. Strange in the theater I was excited. Finally Marvel was bringing magic to the movieverse and all of us as viewers were going to have a better experience for it in the long run. I never expected a huge plotpoint in the movie to be anything connected to the multiverse.

Long term comic readers will know the significance and importance of the word to comics in general. It’s something that DC comics has heavily used for years and how we got Crisis on Infinite Earths in the first place. It also is how the designation earth 616 popped up over at Marvel at all. (It even manages to have importance to Ant-man as the microverse ties directly into it)

Basically to not get long winded back in the 80’s, DC decided they had way too many earths with way too many versions of the same heroes and a crazy amount of continuities. So editorial tasked Marv Wolfman and George Perez with shrinking this down to one earth where they’d reboot everything, basically wiping whole worlds off the map. Meanwhile Marvel had other ideas and we were introduced to the Captain Britain corp and the idea of the multiverse in the 80’s during Alan Moore’s fan favorite run on the Captain.

It wouldn’t be until the early 90’s that DC decided to play with the idea of the Multiverse again with books known as elseworlds where Batman got bit by a vampire or Clark Kent became Batman or Superman was raised in Russia instead of American and what it led to. (Superman Red Son is a fantastic book that is constantly in print, highly recommend seeking it out if you’re curious.) Though we also had an evil earth that we’d see Morrison play with that had an evil version of the Justice League on it called the Crime Syndicate.

The multiverse actually led to one of my favorite event books and one of my favorite comics of all time. The event book being Age of Apocolypse which saw Charles Xavier killed years before he formed the X-men which led to an alternate Earth taken over by Apacolypse and his minions. It’s a really cool exploration of a universe readers already loved in new and exciting ways, which also technically helped lead into Exiles. Exiles was a book that starred one of the more fan favorite characters from AoA in Blink and Sabretooth where a team of mostly X-men based characters would jump from earth to earth fixing problems that needed to be fixed.

Geoff Johns really started playing with and introduced the idea of the 52 earths and the multiverse existing again in Infinity Crisis and about 7 years after that Grant Morrison really picked the ball back up and did a series called Multiversity which showed just how different some of those earths really were.

I think one of the major differences between the two concepts of Multiverse has mostly been time/earth and alternate reality based. If DC had a concept they were playing with you’d get an Earth 3 or Earth 48 or something like that but with Marvel you’d get Marvel Zombies (exactly what you think it is) or 1602 (an Earth that gains its super powered characters in a victorian era years before they’re supposed to exist) or 2099 with a future Hulk and Spider-man.

The concept itself really only has loose form and is only ever changed or messed with in a major event book like Marvel just did with it’s Secret Wars.

Now I know I’ve mostly talked the movies but I do have to give a nod to the television side of things as DC and the Flash have already beat everyone to the punch by introducing the multiverse and having at least 4 Earths that we know of appear so far. (Which is so cool to see as a longtime comic reader and something that I know I can’t wait to see them play with more down the line.)

So will we see our heroes jump to different worlds? Is this how we will eventually get the X-men and the Fantastic Four back in the Marvel movieverse umbrella? Will DC ever start playing with it’s multiverse in the movies? I know I’m excited about all the possibilities.

Thanks for reading!


NCD #338

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From the desk of Eric Ratcliffe:

George has been paying too much attention to my actual close because that basically looks like my real leather jacket which is pretty awesome. I also really love that minion in panel 1.

The patreon is now on the left hand corner of the site so you can check it out if you’re interested.

I know this is a slow and more human start to the arc but trust me, things get crazy real fast.

Next week…just whose house are the guys at?